Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Pictures from Angola and E-mail February 11

                                                              District Conference
Our apartment building


Elder Kelsey on the way to our apartment

Ola, this week was a little better! we did a lot of work like always.  It was kind of a short week because we had conference and training. The training was really good. Elder Cook of the 70 came and spoke to us and to the people of Angola. It was really good I thought it applied really good here. Also Presidente Kretly spoke he spoke in Portuguese so haha I didn't understand a ton of that, but he is a really awesome president and he has the spirit with him. But this week me and Elder Kelsey have been trying to get everyone to do what they need to do. it has been better than last week more people showed up to church and I think we have more Progressing investigators, so that's good. We are still working on Kifica he keeps falling back into his ways and drinking a little? which is horrible but hopefully soon he will recognize what he is doing and fix it. But everything is going good here. It is still hot and I don't think I'm used to that and the humidity, cause I still sweat a ton. But I haven't got sick yet, except I did kind of have a little cold which is weird I don't know why? BUT!!!! my parents packed me with 2 year supplies of medicine and vitamins so I took that haha!! It is getting better no worries. The power never really goes out but the other night it went out all night and in the morning I took my first shower in the dark it was weird. Our apartment is lucky and always have energy and water just on occasions it will go away. The food like I said before isn't bad just a lot of chicken, rice, beans, and noodles. Also, and my secret recipe is egg sandwiches if i'm home and i'm hungry. Simple and fast. The eggs and the milk here can last for months sitting on the shelf it is really weird, good thing I only drink milk with cereal. Oh yeah and the cereal hah corn flakes every morning, yeah they pretty much have no flavor its great!! but usually we drink a lot of pop, juice, and water.  Usually if we go to someone's house and they offer a drink they will give us a Coke or Fanta they are pretty good.  The little kids here are super awesome you will be walking down the street and they will yell AMIGO!!!! and you just give them thumbs up and say FIXE (cool). yeah its great.

Well I hope you have a great week I pray for you all back home everyday. I know you all will get blessed for having a missionary out, Elder Cook even said so. I love you all so much and God be with you!!!

Love you all,  Elder Banta

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