Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Monday, February 11, 2013

Email From January 28th

Ola Everyone,
how is everything going back home?? bet you all are loving the nice Cold weather!!! This week was pretty good went by pretty fast as always! it just keeps getting hotter and hotter it is so crazy!! Constantly im sweating like a beast!! it doesnt feel to great but sooner or later im sure ill get over it maybe! but this week was good we had 8 investigators come to church so thats good the week before only like 2 were there! But this week we dealed with a guy named Kafica he is a really smart guy. He has problems with drinking. So one day we went over to his house and he was drunk and he was getting in a fight with another man. My companion luckly stopped it from going on and we gave him a big talk. Elder Kelsey has been working on him for a while but he keeps going back to his old ways. But this week after all this happened i think he finally noticed what is going on in his life. He finally stopped drinking and went to church, so hopefully he will keep doing that and will stay strong and wont fall back in his old ways. Palavra de Sabordoria is a big problem here because beer is cheaper than  water so pretty much everyone drink. It is definatly difficult here i feel like my language has worsten. Just casue people talk and im like WHAT??? and i feel kind of retarded sometimes cause they just start talking and i dont know what to say back. But everyone says after  your first couple transfers i will beable to understand way more and talk better. Right now i try to teach as much doctrine as possble but i mostly stick to the simple things like testifiying and explaining things sense im not grand at Portugues. It is going fine! the members treat us pretty good here we got fed a couple times this week, always rice and chicken but it taste amazing honestly!!! it kind of reminds me of Dads Wakefields chicken, because they charcoal cook everything here so it has a similar taste. definalty not as good as his but it works. I ate i think its called flunge first time this week. it is defiantly interesting. its like doesnt really taste like anything and has a really chewing tecture its interesnting but you just put sause on it and it taste fine! We go to this old ladies house a couple times a week she is a member but not active her name is adalina. She is super nice everytime we go by she gives us soda called Blue and some cookies called manĂ¡. the cookies are so dang good they will make you have a better day ha!! and one last crazy thing one of our progressing investigators got put in a mental hospital that was pretty sad he was doing great and wanted to talk to us everyday i dont know what happened but ya. but other than that nothing to crazy has happened this week just trying to stay positive. This week we have Zone Conference and sometime this week President Kretly and President Cook are coming to Angola so that will be cool to meet preidente kretly for the first time. Well i hope all is going well for you back at home and everyone is heathly and standing the cold. I hope the lil kids are staying good and arent being to crazy! im glad everyhing with bres wedding is going great and things are getting planned hope it all works out! its awesome to hear that everyone is getting readdy to head out on their missions like Tay and courtney i wish them luck they are going to be great missionaries! Well until next time i love you all and hang in there!
LOVE, Elder Banta

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