Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Monday, February 11, 2013

Email from the 15th Continued...

well ola family I don't have much time cause the computers are gay but it is going pretty good here just still trying to recover from lack of sleep so I am really tired. It is super hot here, I walk outside and start sweating! super humid it's crazy! But its great at the same time. My new companion is Elder Kelsey, he is a marine and is really cool, he is a hard worker. Him and Elder Hobbs, the one from IF were companions before. He is the district leader and I live with the zone leaders so its sweet! We have taught a lot this week and I got to seal anointing oil in Portuguese,  the language is difficult, well I love you all! Have a great week sorry bout this email.  

well I lied they fixed it and I have more time so now I can write maybe a little more detailed email. Well we got here Wednesday and sat in the hot airport for 1 1/2 hrs it wasn't too fun, then President Thompson came and picked us up and went back to his house, there we got to take a hour nap then our companions came like i said in the other email. After we met out companions we left and it was time to go to work. It was so nerv-racking going into lessons and not knowing what is going on, it's difficult! I feel a little bit more calm now but it still is weird cause the people talk and i'm like HUH???  But my companion helps. so for now I just try to teach as much as possible and communicate as much as possible some people look at me like I am stupid, but oh well. You guys should see the taxis here they are super ghetto! they are really old vans or seater cars and they yell stuff out of them which is the location of where they are going. but they Cram as many people in it as possible so there is like  10 people in a van that only should sit 7 or 6 its intense. Its really sad to see some of the places here. There is standing puddles all over in the roads which is sewer usually, so it doesn't smell the best. OHH and tons of garbage all over, most of the people are really nice though you just say bom dia or bom tarde and they respond back all happily usually some people change. The little kids here are super awesome you walk past them and they yell amigo!! its sweet. i haven't ate at any houses really except one and we ate chicken, rice, beans it was really good actually and then I also ate a hamburger which was good tambem. the drinks here like juices and sodas are great they taste amazing especially when it hotter than crap. probably the weirdest thing I have seen is just the women breast feeding anywhere they go, it's super weird but I'm used to it. but everything is going good just still trying to work hard and learn as much as possible! is there anything new with you guys??  Well i hope you have a great week and everything goes well. I will also continue to! well I love you all. until next time Choa!!

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