Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

March 2014

Hello Everyone!

How was the month?  Hope it was amazing!!

This week it was a really good, we had a ton of meetings. Such as on Tuesday we had interviews with Presidente Merrill. They were great i surely loved them. It was probably one of the best ones ive had! Hes such a great Presidente and Example. Those took a little extra time just because others in our district were there and we had to wait for them. Then Weds we had Zone Meeting it was really great i enjoyed it alot we talked about how to teach so others will understand. Talked about some methods to help us be more affective in our teaching so its more interstting for the others we teach. We then had lunch at a members house who is actually from Vensueula. So she spoke spanish with a little portugues with also a little english all at the same time. It was crazy to see how i can kind of understand spanish! not fully but it was intersting!!
 On Saturday we had to go back to the church and we had a little meeting with Elder Cook from the area 70. It was amazing. Talked about way how we can help Angola grow and become a stake! I really enjoyed it and just showed how now really is the time the work just need to pick up and some really amazing things here will happen!
We will have one baptism this weekend. Rosaria who is the friend of Nomar. She is super great and prepared it will be exciting!  We have transfers this week. Nothing new happened. Im still district leader! im really exicted though for this transfer. I just feel like i just need to step it up a little more and give it allllll i can!!! see some great changes and hopefully we will find those prepared here this transfer. Elder Pimmentel and also Elder Mendez are in our district so to native people it should be really fun.
Wll that was the week! i hope all goes well this month!!
Elder Banta

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