Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 2014

How was the month??? hope it was amazing and everyone had a great Easter! Here it was not to greatly celebrated but that's okay! You still hear about and might see some decoration of some sort!

The week it was good though, actually it was a little interesting. Im in a new area and it is going well with Elder Whitaker so far I am liking it a lot. We have some really great people we are teaching. And im excited to just continue and grow and help the work progress here in the area. Being a Zone Leader for the first week it was about the same but im really excited to continue to learn from others and also help others grow! It is such a great opurtuninty to do so!!!
the week though went by pretty slow but pretty fast. The day since ive arrived in the new house our house hasn't had energy besised maybe 14 hours and the Generator died so yeah we haven't had much power. But it is alwasys fun right! but also kind of boring the house is dark. But the house is really fun and great and we finally received power to day so hopefully it stays!!

We had some really great lessons this week where the spirit was so strong. One of the strongest Restoration lessons that has happened with me on the mission the spirit was sooo strong and the lady actually understood it. It is so great to see the truth of our message and how it is the only truth here on the earth!!  Sorry this letter is kind of lame but it was an amazing week and I hope for an even better one as I start to learn more and get used to the area!!

I love you all and hope you have a great month!!!!

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