Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Angola, Luanda MIssion 2013-2014

Sunday, November 3, 2013

We went to an orphanage! It was fun!!

Hello Everyone!

How is everyone doing? And the week how was that?  
I hope all is going well I haven't really heard anything new going on??

This week it was a really good week, honestly I enjoyed it!  It seemed like it went by really fast and it was full of work!  By the end of the week we had taught 23 lessons which is really good I don't think that has happened since like my first couple transfers here so it was really great and felt productive!  But  everything I felt went well we didn't really have that many people cancel on us which was really great! But i feel like our area it is really starting to grow little at a time we have been trying to contact more people on the side of the streets and we also have been receiving a ton of references! So that is really great it helps the work alot! 

Nothing super crazy happened though during the week we taught some really great lessons i felt. We also had a division and I walked with Elder Dunkley.  It was fun!! We taught a really cool family and the wife only speaks french so we had to have a member come and translate, It was fun!!  But Saturday Ciara she finally got baptized after being an investigator for over 2 years. She is only 21 but she is really awesome and she was prepared. The Baptism it went well and she was super excited. Then Sunday i had the great oppurtunity to Confirm her. That was my first time and it went pretty well i think!  It was a great experience to do that though!  Now i hope she can stay strong,  I have a feeling she will and she is actually helping her friends come now.  Like we are teaching her friend now and she seems really great! 

So the week it went well we have some people who we will be marking more baptsmial dates with them this week so that will be great!  I can't believe though this transfer is over though we will know next monday who is going or what?  I hope I stay because I actually really love this area.  Ohh and this Saturday we are moving into a new church hope it is bigger than the one we are in because there is no room anymore.   We also get to watch Priesthood session and Conference this weekend!   I'm super excited for that!  It will be great!

Today our district we went to an orphanage and we got to teach English and we did math with the kids!   It was really fun and the kids were really great.   I didn't want to leave!!   There are some really smart kids I was really amazed.  Yes,  we were only teaching simple English and Math in English, but some would just speak like they knew everything!  I though it was Awesome and a great experience!!  Wow I can only say I am grateful to be serving here in Angola!!   It is such an amazing place to be!   I can see the work improving everyday!   I know that this is the work of our Lord and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to help these great people here come unto Christ!!   ITS AMAZING!!!!:)

Well i hope you all have a great week and may the Lord be with you all!! Love you all tons!!

Love Elder Banta

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